KonMari letting go series:
Sentimental item #2 letters 😢🥰

Are you struggling to go through boxes of letters from the past?

I can totally relate.

I felt like I opened up my Pandora box…

I KonMaried my 2 boxes of letters I collected over the years. ✉️ As I was going through them, I was filled with gratitude and love. 💌 I remembered my friends and my Grandparents use to not only send me letters but endless care packages of Japanese goods when I first came to this country. My friends used to spend all their monthly allowance to talk to me for 3 hours. $90 for 3 hours! 📞 How I wish we had sype 25 years ago…

The biggest advice I can give you sorting through letters is to follow the KonMari 5 categories order. If you have gone through all the clothing, books, papers, komonos first and then do the letters which are in the last category:sentimental, it’s much easier. 📪

Don’t try to jump to the deep end without warming up first. 🏊🏻‍♀️
I wrote down the names of the people that I wanted to get back in touch with as I sent the letters to recycling with gratitude. The good news is, I found some of them on FB and are now in touch! Instead of keeping the letter that is no longer serving you, you may want to just use it to find them and be with them in the present time. 💞

I narrow it down to one small Pandora box instead of 2 large boxes. 🎁

Mission accomplished! ✅

Do you have a pandora box at home?

How about opening it up and see what kind of memory it brings you. 🌟