Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a KonMari Consultant?
I worked with many clients who watched the Netflix show “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” and/or read Marie’s books. Most of them stopped somewhere along decluttering their clothes and books.
The books and Netflix give you an idea of KonMari Method, but hiring KonMari consultant will give you personalized experience. If you are a Triathlon athlete, would you just read a book and watch reality TV show or would you hire a trainer?

KonMari Consultant can give you a customized guidance to your specific needs for your tidying festival and keep you on track.

Why should I pick Michelle?
I am a certified KonMari consultant both in Japan and America. With my 20-years experience as a healer and a coach, I can help you understand your relationship to your belongings that you might not be aware of, explore the attachments to your past, release your negative beliefs/feelings, and work with you diligently to reach your ideal vision of spark joy home and life.
I am also a certified relationship coach who can help you navigate through your struggles that may occur as you go through tidying lessons with your partner or people you live with.
In addition, as a native Japanese who spent childhood in Japan, I can understand the sensibility of the KonMari method and help you create a new relationship with your belongings that sparks joy.

If you are worried, ashamed, or overwhelmed by all the items you have acquired and kept, don’t worry, I myself have been there. I have an intense attachment to my items and kept many things that I did not use for years. I had to learn the hard way that keeping items that do not spark joy in you at your a closet for sentimental reasons was not beneficial. I understand you if you are going through that and can help you get past it.

What happens during the first lesson?
  • Get to know you and explore your ideal home and lifestyle
  • Greet Home
  • Home Tour & Take “Before” Photos
  • Spark joy check: Clothing
  • Find Temporary Home for Each Item
  • Take “After” Photos
How long does it take?
Every home and office is different. The amount of hours it takes is based on how many items you own and how you make decisions. Generally, clients begin with a 4-hour virtual introductory lesson and book for follow up sessions. Some clients finish their tidying festival in 3-5 sessions while others finish after 12 sessions. The more homework you take on in between sessions, the less you need my help.
Is it worth the investment?

KonMari tidying lessons does involve an initial investment. However, most clients become conscious of their spending habit and save money and some let go of storage space that they used to spend money on monthly basis. There are also clients who learn to spend time on activities that spark joy.

With my sessions, you are spending time and money to hone skills that you can use in every aspect of your life. The joy that sparks within you after your investment is priceless.

What areas do you serve?
With the help of modern technology today, I serve anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. I work with people around the world with different time zones.
What do I do next?

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation or book your virtual introductory lesson with me, Michelle.Click here.


Who can I contact about a brand collaboration?
Michelle would love to collaborate with you! Please contact us
How can I invite Michelle to visit my country/company/event?

Please reach out to us and let us know. Michelle would love to travel and help more people around the world once the pandemic is over. In a the meantime, she would love to provide virtual presentation

Drawer-full of KonMari folded clothes spark joy

“No material thing spark joy for me. But drawer-full of KonMari folded clothes spark joy for me. Thank you for teaching me how to fold KonMari way.”


Michael B.