Live a Life That

Sparks Joy

Ready to start your KonMari Journey, but don’t know how?

Grab your step by step KonMari checklist NOW!

Are you tired of living with clutter and not being able to find anything you need?

Do you feel like there is not enough room for everything you have so you just  pile them up?

Are you frustrated that you never have the time to clean up your home?

Is it time to check your closet so you can easily find the clothes you want?

If you answered Yes to any or all of these questions,


I work with busy successful people who are overwhelmed by their schedules and cannot find time to tidy up their homes.

I can help you KonMari your space so you can be more productive and have more time for your loved ones or for your passion while feeling more at peace and joy.


I am Michelle Shinagawa, a certified KonMari space and life organizer, Reiki teacher & healer, and graphic designer. I have many years of experience in spirituality and healing, so, I’m confident that I can guide you in transforming your space while transforming your life too.

I also have a keen sense of beauty as a graphic designer and can bring out the sensibility in you and your space for I grew up in the Zen culture of Japan where the KonMari Method® was born.

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The KonMari Method is a revolutionary organizational method developed by tidying expert, Marie Kondo. She became global phenomenon with her best-selling books and Netflix’s hit show, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.”

In this method, you sort your items by choosing things that spark joy. She calls this a once in a lifetime tidying festival because if you follow the method, you only need to do this once in your lifetime. KonMari method is not just about organizing your home.

It’s about learning who you are and what sparks joy in you. It transforms people’s lives!

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Life Changing…

“Michelle walked me through the KonMari Method with my clothes and books…then next visit my dreaded paperwork… I can’t really begin to express my gratitude to her.. This paperwork has always been my nemesis and I never knew where to begin… I could never have done this organization without Michelle…she’s sat by me and in a few hours it was done!!! Thank you Michelle for your guidance, kindness and knowledge… life changing!!!”

Betty L