My sentimental letters

I opened up my Pandora box… I decluttered my 2 boxes of letters I collected over the years.

As I was going through them, I was filled with gratitude and love. I remembered my friends and my Grandparents use to not only send me letters but endless care packages of Japanese goods when I first came to this country. My friends used to spend all their monthly allowance to talk to me for 3 hours. $90 for 3 hours! How I wish we had sype 25 years ago…

I lost touch with most of them. I have no idea how, but I feel the urge to track all of them down so I can share my appreciation for them.

I did find $70 in one of the envelope! I narrow it down to one small Pandora box instead of 2 large boxes. Mission accomplished!

Do you have a pandora box at home? Maybe you wanna open it up and see what kind of memory it bring you.

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About Michelle

Michelle Shinagawa is a certified KonMari consultant, Reiki teacher & healer, and graphic designer. Because of her healing and spiritual background, she can guide you in transforming your space while transforming your life.

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