Sentimental: Cookie Monster

I often get asked about letting go of items that you still feel attached to but no longer spark joy.
I thought I would share my KonMari experience of letting go of my collection of cookie monsters.

My first memorable gift I got from my college sweetheart was a cookie monster stuffed animal. He gave it to me after our first fight. Cookie monster became a very special thing for me after that. I carried him everywhere and people started to notice that I like cookie monster. When I was in a big car accident and was hospitalized for 5 days, everyone of my friends brought me some kind of cookie monster when they came to visit. I think I ended up with 32 cookie monster by the time I left the hospital.

This was 22 years ago. Since then I might have acquired a few more on my own, and my whole collection of cookie monsters came with me to every home I moved into.

When I did KonMari method for my home and did a joy check, half of them did not spark joy for me, so I set them aside. I did not have the heart to donate them, because I could not bear the thought of them in a bag in their storage room of a thrift shop never to see the light again. I wanted them to be in a good home where they are loved.

Today finally I found a good home. I remembered that my friend’s Mom operates a day care. I asked her if her Mom would be interested in adopting my cookie monsters. She said their kids would be happy to have them. That is the exact words I wanted to hear. Now I can send them off to a good home that they will be loved.

I gave some of them bath, wiped off the dust as I sent them gratitude for all the years they kept me company. It’s not always easy to say goodbye for me. I get attached to stuff. I do have space for them if I want to keep them, but they are no longer serving me. As much as it saddens me to see them leave, I would rather they go to a place where they can serve their life purpose. Sometimes it takes a while to find a right place, but it was worth waiting for.

Thank you Elizabeth for taking my cookie monsters. I know they will be in good hands with you.

If you do the KonMari process and let go of some items that are dear to you, I hope you all will be able to send them off to a great place that you feel good about.

Hope this helps some of you who are wondering what to do with your sentimental items.

Happy KonMaring!

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Michelle Shinagawa is a certified KonMari consultant, Reiki teacher & healer, and graphic designer. Because of her healing and spiritual background, she can guide you in transforming your space while transforming your life.

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